Owners Of No Love. Residents of Rave.
After 14 years of friendship Bleur & MB1 becomes a dynamic techno duo to discover a new world on the music  scene.  Behind this name exist a combination of 2 different people and sound, if you mix them the result will be a Power  RAW Dark and Loud element.
A series of parties under the ‘No Love’ name hosting guests such as Mickael Klein,Layton Giordani,Anna V., Eddy Romero, Danny Fontana, George Adi, Paul Anthonee, Symmetric  and many more. These moves set the groundwork and fostered their ensuing steps. Today, their base is in Thessaloniki and has their Residency at Earth Club (Bleur) and Tokyo City Bar (MB1) where they had live appearances (along with Nastia , Dennis Cruz, Undercatt, Etapp Kyle, Daria Kolosova, TKNO, Christian Bonori, ) and in Tokyo City Bar (along Faces Series and Internal Axis Projects).
After years in production they had find their own sound and is time to abuse him to get known.  They had signed for lot of respected labels like Remain Records, Focus Records, Addeepted, Tauten Label, Oxytech Records, U.F.O. Recordings, Lonely Owl Records, Syncopate and Shift Digital Audio.
Recently made their debut on the mighty Second State and waiting for upcoming EPS ast Set About and BLK DRP this Summer.