Borned and Raised in Kos island, started his love for music due to his father (radio DJ). At his 17 made his first performance in a local club and he continued performing as a disc jockey till now. Warmed up serious names such as Sasha, Kiko Navarro, Detlef, Andriano Papadea, Alex Dimou, Junior Pappa. From 2014 to 2016 he studied Music Engenering and Music Technology at IEK DELTA Thessaloniki’s. Founder of NoLove with Bleur and MB1. NoLove was a big collaboration with greek djs and producers like Junior Pappa, Paul Anthonee, dj Antonio, Symmetric. Also hosted Big names like Michael Klein, Layton Giordani at Earth club. Based in Thessaloniki and has live appearances at Earth Club along with Boston 168 and at Tokyo City Bar with Internal Axis Project. His Dj sets are abusing the vibe of Deep-Tech & Tech house with heavy basslines, crispy Snares and a flow full of dancing melodies.